August 26, 2023

Erin McCourt

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Erin McCourt! With years of litigation experience and a deep understanding of corporate governance, particularly in labor and employment law, she made the transition to the world of recruitment. Trusted by colleagues and leaders alike, her fresh perspective on recruitment has enabled her to connect countless talented individuals with attractive employment possibilities with remarkable success. Passionate about transforming recruitment solutions and developing meaningful associate initiatives at the ground level, Erin is committed to creating a world-class candidate experience and is eager to make a positive impact.


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Jessica Young People Expert
2023-08-26 12:43:38

Jessica Young

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Jess Young! Her expertise draws from an impressive decade of experience in helping businesses get the most strategic and compliant outcomes from their people practices. Working first-hand with both Fortune 500s and fast growing start-ups, Jessica understands the power of creating a strong culture and sense of belonging at work. […]