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Entrust your recruitment process to us and focus on what you do best – growing your business and nurturing your team.

Building the team you want

A Holistic Full-Cycle Recruitment Strategy

At Work Friendly, we understand the complexities and challenges that HR Managers and Startups face in the maze of talent acquisition. Our Full-Cycle Recruiting Services are specifically designed to alleviate the burden of hiring and nurturing top candidates from the first point of contact to their successful integration into your company.

We own it all. 

Full cycle recruiting involves owning every phase of the recruitment process, from the initial job requisition and posting right through to the final hiring decision and onboarding.


Comprehensive Recruitment Expertise

Knowing that each organization has its unique culture and requirements, we tailor the interview process creation to meet your specific needs, ensuring that only the truly suitable candidates make it to your doorstep.

Sourcing + Talent Pipeline Access

At Work Friendly, we don’t just post jobs, we find people who aren’t looking. Tap into our elite talent network replete with qualified professionals from diverse industries and roles. Our exclusive talent pipeline gives you an edge in a competitive market, connecting you with the right individuals ready to propel your business forward.

Efficient Scheduling and Negotiation

We eliminate the hassle of candidate scheduling and the nuances of offer negotiation. Our efficient coordination and seasoned negotiation tactics ensure smooth transitions and candidate satisfaction.

End-to-End Support

At Work Friendly, we take end-to-end ownership seriously, ensuring a seamless experience from writing the ideal job description to the final step of onboarding your latest team member.

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of job seekers today are only passively looking for a job
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of candidates say it would greatly improve the overall experience if employers provided a clear timeline of the hiring process
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of hiring professionals say work flexibility encourages retention
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