August 10, 2022

Ben Balson

Meet Ben Balson, the Chief Operating Officer at Work Friendly! With first hand experience and success in the start-up space, he understands just how crucial those early years are for venture capital backed businesses. Prior to Work Friendly, Ben co-founded the Automotive Keys Group, the nation's leading automotive key supplier, and helped lead their operations to an eventual private equity acquisition. From there, he helped Work Friendly build from the ground up as a Strategic Advisor, before joining us full-time as Chief Operating Officer in 2022. Ben now brings his passion for success and knack for efficient people practices to our clients, determined to help other start-ups invest in long-term solutions from the get go.


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Jessica Young People Expert
2023-08-26 12:43:38

Jessica Young

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Jess Young! Her expertise draws from an impressive decade of experience in helping businesses get the most strategic and compliant outcomes from their people practices. Working first-hand with both Fortune 500s and fast growing start-ups, Jessica understands the power of creating a strong culture and sense of belonging at work. […]