August 26, 2023

Molly White

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Molly White! With a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and 7 years of experience as a Behavior Analyst, Molly has developed an unparalleled passion for helping organizations develop their greatest asset – their people. She brings extensive experience working with new startups to fulfill all people needs, from performance management to employee engagement. Her enthusiasm is contagious whether she's supporting existing teams or helping to launch new ventures. Molly is an enthusiastic people expert who believes everyone deserves to be seen and appreciated.


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Jessica Young People Expert
2023-08-26 12:43:38

Jessica Young

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Jess Young! Her expertise draws from an impressive decade of experience in helping businesses get the most strategic and compliant outcomes from their people practices. Working first-hand with both Fortune 500s and fast growing start-ups, Jessica understands the power of creating a strong culture and sense of belonging at work. […]