June 28, 2023

4 Refreshing Programs to Boost Summer Morale

Revitalize your team this season by implementing some of our favorite warm weather programs. Check out these three refreshing programs that boost summer employee morale.

Summer Fridays

Who doesn't love a long weekend? Summer Fridays are a simple but effective way of adding extra leisure time to your employees' schedules – and, let’s be honest, no one wants to have a meeting on Friday afternoon.  Permit your team to work half a day on Fridays, or allow them to work their 40 hours four days a week. Whether they're heading out to the BBQs or beaches, it gives them a much-needed break. It's been shown that extra free time improves employee morale and reduces absenteeism.

Flexible Dress Code

If your organization observes a stricter dress code, allow employees to ditch their formal attire for something more comfortable this summer. Relaxed dress code = relaxed atmosphere. Not only does it ease the discomfort of excessive heat, but it also fosters a sense of relaxation and freedom.

Get Outside 

Consider taking your weekly 1:1 as a phone call and take a walk outside. If it’s a gorgeous day, encourage your team to have any meetings outside. If you're in the office, take your meeting as a walk for an iced coffee. You’d be surprised at how moving your body can get your creative thoughts flowing. Studies have shown that exposure to nature has numerous benefits to our mental and physical health. 

Wellness Challenges

Organize an office-wide wellness challenge where employees are encouraged to hit certain step targets, meditate or eat healthily, and log their achievements. Implement small but engaging rewards for the winners. As a result, you'll ensure that your team is healthier, happier, and more focused during the workday.

It's essential to ensure work-life balance to keep your employees valued and happy. Ready to explore programs for your own organization? Work Friendly can help your team get out of their routine and boost overall morale. 


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