How to Successfully Work From Home During the Pandemic

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This is an unprecedented time, with updates and closures, coming our way, constantly. Work Friendly Consulting, is here for you, and will continue to provide regular updates and tips to help you and your business. We want you to stay busy, productive and calm during this temporary quarantine.

Let’s start with the basics to keep us all productive and sane:

Take it day by day. Break your day down into smaller buckets. You can’t control this, but you can control your schedule, how you use your time and how you take mental health breaks to stay sane and on track with your work.

Create your own boundaries and stick to a normal schedule. If your normal schedule at home looks different than your work day in office, that’s okay. If you are staying on schedule with your assignments, and staying in touch with your teams, then consider yourself meeting your own needs and goals, and those of your employer.

Keep everyone in your house on a schedule, maybe a more relaxed schedule. For children at home who need to learn, break it down into 1 hour chunks, have them work on a project while you are, and then all of you, take a brisk walk, or do some other relaxing activity. Bake some cookies, read a book for a little while, and then come back to your work or their virtual school assignments.

Establish a “private” area to conduct your work.

Can you work from your bedroom? The dining room? Maybe it’s just a corner of your family room, but find your own secured area to set up shop and do the same for the others in your house who will be working or studying virtually. Keep that consistent if you can.

Work in shifts. Trade off on watching children or pets and doing household duties, with older teens or other adults in your household.

Give kid’s some small and easy chores and responsibilities, to help you all feel productive and part of the family team! Extra dog walks are always a good thing for the kids and the dog! Tiring them out is GREAT.

Try and stay positive. Have a good sense of humor when you can. This too shall pass.

Lunch with your kid’s each day is a treat. Wouldn’t you love that when you are normally in the office?

Extra snuggles with your pet are comforting for everyone.

When do you ever get to read your favorite novel for a few hours a day/night?

Laughing is good medicine so whatever gives you the giggles, do it, watch it or listen to it!

Face time family and friends, and let your kids do the same. It’s important to feel connected in some way during this scary time.

Accept your anxiety and manage it.

Try yoga or meditation.

Listen to positive podcasts or relaxation podcasts.

Take a long walk each day when you can.

Do not get caught up with the news or social media. A little each day is ENOUGH.

We can all get through this together and we will. If you need any tips, help or ideas on how to maintain a positive work environment during this pandemic, please let us know. Work Friendly is here to help in any way we can. Look for regular tips and updates from us in the coming weeks and hang in there!

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