Spring Clean Your Career Profile

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Tips and Tricks to consider while updating your Resume and LinkedIn Profile!

Getting ready to update your LinkedIn profile? Polishing up your resume? We have some tips and reminders to help get you started!

Your resume and LinkedIn profile both are profiling YOU. Make sure the facts are consistent between both platforms. You can present your LinkedIn profile and resume in different ways, but the facts should be consistent.


  • Start with a Professional Summary – Use a few sentences to present a snapshot of your professional experience. This is your chance to showcase yourself in a quick summary.
  • Focus on what value you delivered in your positions
  • Use action verbs in your resume to describe your accomplishments
  • Highlight your hard and soft skills!
  • Does your resume demonstrate how you have made progress in your career?
  • Tell your career story in a concise way and make sure to highlight your best accomplishments!
  • Everybody has certain soft skills that showcase their abilities, so make sure to highlight those and weave them in to your resume with some examples

(i.e. Leadership Skills – successfully ran department of 7 people, increasing company sales by 5%)

  • Make sure to highlight your key knowledge and build your story
  • You can even customize a resume to the job you are interested in – are your skills aligned with that job description? Are your skills up to date?
  • Do you have stories to support the skills if you are asked to elaborate on what’s listed on your resume in an interview?

LinkedIn Profile

  • Remember it’s a social networking site, first and foremost. Many people and employer’s will be looking at your profile
  • You are using it to network, not just job hunt
  • You can constantly update and evolve your profile, but keep the facts consistent
  • Your LinkedIn summary may be longer than the professional summary on your resume. You will have more room on LinkedIn to elaborate

Make sure you always, always, always, PROOFREAD! Print out your resume and LinkedIn profile and have a second and third pair of eyes on it before finalizing.

Remember, both your resume and your LinkedIn profile should showcase your learning and progress, highlight your best accomplishments, and most importantly, tell your career story.

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