February 17, 2020

New Year, New You

Goal Setting and Review of Processes in 2020

Annual goal planning, and review of processes, is critical to the success of a business.

Why do this?

  • Goal setting and review, allows employee’s and management to constantly revaluate and align the organization’s mission. Additionally, setting consistent and purposeful goals, will help the organization continue to grow.
  • Smart goal setting will concentrate your efforts and move an organization more quickly through the process.

How to get started.

  • Look at the different areas of your business and where you need to focus.
  • Review your company’s policies and plans that govern employees, to include compensation, benefits and employee responsibilities.
  • Make incentive-based compensation plans that motivate employees to do their best work for your business. Maybe that will look different year to year.
  • Review your company handbook and make sure it is aligned with any recent legal updates. Outdated policies put your company at risk. New laws are constantly evolving. Additionally, regularly updating your handbook, allows employees to understand that changes are normal and regular and they won’t be suspicious when you make benign changes if they are used to it. Work Friendly can help you do a thorough review of your employee policies and handbook.
  • Make sure your employees are properly classified. Was someone promoted and they are now considered exempt? Make sure duties and classification are aligned.
  • Keep benefit plan documents up to date. As you update your benefits each year, make sure your plan documents reflect any changes you make.

Need help getting started with goals and review of processes in 2020? We have great resources available and can help make it all easier for you and your team!


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