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Work Friendly HR Experts
At Work Friendly, our team is stacked with HR expertise, ready to support and guide you through every step of your HR journey.

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Are you an HR professional or start up looking to connect with a team that truly understands your challenges and aspirations? At Work Friendly, our team is stacked with HR expertise, ready to support and guide you through every step of your HR journey.

Let us introduce you to the friendly faces behind Work Friendly, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. From recruitment gurus to compliance wizards, our experts are here to help you create the best workplace environment possible. Keep reading to learn more about the people who make Work Friendly the go-to resource for HR professionals like you.

Celia Balson – CEO + Founder

Meet Work Friendly’s Chief Executive Officer, Celia Balson! As a leader in her field, Celia is passionate about helping companies of all sizes maximize their greatest asset – their people. She founded Work Friendly in 2016 and has since created an experienced team that specializes in helping quickly growing or transitioning companies build strong Human Resource and Talent Acquisition strategies. Today, Celia uses her wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to deliver cost-effective and strategic solutions for companies both big and small. She’s passionate about helping organizations embrace their team’s potential, utilizing her own drive and enthusiasm to create positive change. With an ever-growing team of industry experts and a keen eye for detail, Celia continues to set the bar for modern HR strategies that make workplaces more productive and engaged.

Ben Balson – COO

Meet Ben Balson, the Chief Operating Officer at Work Friendly! With first hand experience and success in the start-up space, he understands just how crucial those early years are for venture capital backed businesses. Prior to Work Friendly, Ben co-founded the Automotive Keys Group, the nation’s leading automotive key supplier, and helped lead their operations to an eventual private equity acquisition. From there, he helped Work Friendly build from the ground up as a Strategic Advisor, before joining us full-time as Chief Operating Officer in 2022. Ben now brings his passion for success and knack for efficient people practices to our clients, determined to help other start-ups invest in long-term solutions from the get go.

Ashley Bernheim – Head of Client Relations

Meet Work Friendly’s Head of Client Relations, Ashley Bernheim! Ashley has built her career over the past eight years at a number of Human Resources and technology startups, having worked in tech sales positions for a little over five years, eventually selling HR software for Yello, gaining her initial exposure to the field of HR from the technology side. Ashley has served as a Head of People and HR Business Partner for a number of Work Friendly clients over the last three and a half years. She has an uncanny understanding of the venture capital space and the power that top talent brings to any business. She is passionate about recruitment and people strategy, priding herself in making a difference in how organizations achieve their people operations goals. Her enthusiasm for the tech industry and her ability to build strong connections with people are just two of the things that make Ashley so perfect for her role in the ever-evolving world of start-ups. She loves helping clients embrace outsourcing as a viable business strategy and excels when it comes to connecting the right people with the right opportunities to advance in their career paths.

Jessica Young – People Expert

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Jess Young! Her expertise draws from an impressive decade of experience in helping businesses get the most strategic and compliant outcomes from their people practices. Working first-hand with both Fortune 500s and fast growing start-ups, Jessica understands the power of creating a strong culture and sense of belonging at work. Not only is she adept at using existing tools and systems to optimize people programs – she’s also no stranger to building programs and processes from the ground up.

Cori Anderson – People Expert

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Cori Anderson! With 12 years of experience in corporate and consulting human resources, Cori has worked extensively with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500s, providing invaluable support and inspiring strong partnerships with her clients. Her passion and expertise make her an invaluable asset to any team.

Julie Blomsterberg – People Expert

Meet Work Friendly’s People Expert, Julie Blomsterberg! Julie is an experienced leader in people operations and human resources, bringing with her 17 years of expertise in recruiting and HR. Always looking for ways to support her clients with strategic initiatives, change management, employee experience and technology solutions, Julie knows how to take a problem and find the solution. With passion for people, she knows that HR creates meaningful differences for employees and employers.

Erin McCourt – People Expert

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Erin McCourt! With years of litigation experience and a deep understanding of corporate governance, particularly in labor and employment law, she made the transition to the world of recruitment. Trusted by colleagues and leaders alike, her fresh perspective on recruitment has enabled her to connect countless talented individuals with attractive employment possibilities with remarkable success. Passionate about transforming recruitment solutions and developing meaningful associate initiatives at the ground level, Erin is committed to creating a world-class candidate experience and is eager to make a positive impact.

Molly White – People Expert

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Molly White! With a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and 7 years of experience as a Behavior Analyst, Molly has developed an unparalleled passion for helping organizations develop their greatest asset – their people. She brings extensive experience working with new startups to fulfill all people needs, from performance management to employee engagement. Her enthusiasm is contagious whether she’s supporting existing teams or helping to launch new ventures. Molly is an enthusiastic people expert who believes everyone deserves to be seen and appreciated.

Paige Vazquez – People Expert

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Paige Vazquez!! With a passion for helping organizations achieve healthy and sustainable workplace cultures, Paige has dedicated her career to creating and implementing attainable and positive people practices. After 7 years in the industry, she remains passionate about igniting lasting transformation that starts from small, everyday interactions – an approach that has led to extraordinary success. Paige is excited to continue paving the way for best-in-class people practices.

Lauren Dal Santo – People Expert

Meet Work Friendly People Expert, Lauren Dal Santo! With over 7 years of HR experience, Lauren is a skilled human resources professional who specializes in strategy and operations.  Her expertise as both an internal HR representative and external consultant allows her to approach challenges from different angles and provide tailored solutions to fit the specific needs of her clients.  Passionate about solving people puzzles, Lauren helps organizations effectively manage their most important asset – their employees.

Sophie Giroux – Associate People Consultant

Meet Work Friendly Associate People Consultant, Sophie Giroux! Sophie brings a wealth of experience from the startup space and a deep passion for employee development. With a career spanning across various human resource functions, she’s developed a keen eye for talent and a strategic mindset for people strategy.

Her efforts have been pivotal in improving employee retention and fostering a supportive and engaging work environment. Sophie is deeply passionate about serving others and is dedicated to creating resources that resonate. Her ability to connect with people and understand their needs makes her an invaluable asset.

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