October 13, 2022

Is your recruiting lacking? Here’s how to fix it.

  1. You aren’t being authentic
    1. Generic job postings read like spam. Get more engagement sending 10 thoughtfully crafted messages instead of 100 generic ones. Trust us on this!
  2. Your job description is too long 
    1. Win the quick scan! Think bullet points over long winded paragraphs. Flush out the more intricate details during the interview process, a recruiting refresh requires simplification! 
  3. You don’t disclose the salary
    1. “Competitive” salary has a different definition to everyone. Save the headache for both parties by providing a target salary upfront. More and more states are passing salary transparency laws - jump ahead of the curve and share from the start.
  4. You have too many cooks in the recruiting kitchen 
    1. Not every team member needs to meet the candidate. Individual “sign off” is a tedious game. Instead, get feedback from the team beforehand and develop an interview structure to find the best fit. The other option? Consider recording your virtual interviews so team members can give feedback without coordinating calendars.
  5. Your candidates are left out of the loop
    1. No one likes to be ghosted. If you are not keeping your candidates warm during the recruiting and hiring process they will likely turn their attention to another company.

Sound familiar? Work Friendly can help. We function as an extension of your team, learn more about that here, and focus on quality rather than quantity. Take the pain out of hiring and reach out to us at Work Friendly.


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