Interview questions you shouldn’t skip

3 Interview Questions You Should Ask

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Job interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences. It’s easy to get caught up in the preparation and lose sight of what’s really important—finding out if the job is a good fit for you. At Work Friendly, we’ve seen our fair share of interviews and there are three essential questions that we think every candidate should have handy. 

Why is there a vacancy for this position?

One of the first things that you should ask during an interview is why there’s currently a vacancy for this position. Has the company shared the workload between people and are they willing to hire someone new to absorb it, or is it more of a turnover issue? Answering this question will give you an idea on how much stress and responsibility to expect if you were to take on the position. It will also provide you with additional background on the company makeup and culture. 

What changes has the company implemented to improve the workplace?

Another question worth asking is about any recent changes that have been implemented by the company based on employee feedback. It’s not asking them if they’re employee-focused (which can be answered with a simple yes), but instead open-ended, giving the interviewer the opportunity to showcase any internal culture or engagement initiatives, programs, or policies they’ve introduced. This will give you some insight into how dedicated their leadership team is to creating a positive work environment for employees.

Can you describe a time when leadership needed to address a company crisis / change? 

Don’t be afraid to ask how management has handled crises or changes in the past. How well did they communicate with staff? How did employees react when faced with these changes and challenges? Evaluating the culture around communication can give you insight into how much trust exists between employees and leaders within this organization, which could bode well for your future success if hired.

Ultimately, finding out if a job is truly right for you comes down to asking all the right questions during your interview – ones that go beyond simply discussing salary and benefits packages. By asking about why there’s currently a vacancy for this position, what changes have been made based on employee feedback, and how leadership handles crises or change can reveal more about their organizational culture than any other answer given throughout your interview process. You are evaluating the job opportunity just as much as the company is evaluating you for the role, both have to be a good fit. So don’t forget to ask!  Good luck!

At Work Friendly, we endeavor to give every company, no matter the size or the stage, the resources to build and retain the most important part of their business, their people. Learn more about what we do here or follow along for more advice on LinkedIn.

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